Gupdate 29

This version adds the option to remove ALL predators  so you can just swim around in peace if you prefer. You can still eat flies and hang out with your fellow fishies, but you won't get any points (scoring is disabled in this mode).

To activate this, go to the Options menu (Esc/Start - Main Menu - Options) and toggle Predators.
Also added: ability to control co-op from the pause menu (Esc), adding or removing players. The spawn player hotkey (on keyboard) has changed from ENTER to S (still A on gamepad).

This version also adds other minor tweaks and fixes.

(Android update is coming later)


- added option to remove predators (disables scoring)

- add/remove player 2 option added to pause menu

- spawn player 2 KB hotkey changed from ENTER to S

- fixed: broken bg parallax scrolling in P2 splitscreen view

- added gamepad combos to access secrets without KB or mouse

- added alternate bg rock variation for hidden BUBBLES-mode

- various minor tweaks

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Apr 16, 2018

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