Guppy will leave Mac/iOS App Store April 4th

Heads up to people who own Guppy on the Mac or iOS App Store:

On April 4th Guppy will be disappearing from the App Store.

(note: itchio version is unaffected)

My Apple Developer subscription is expiring April 4th 2019 and I will not be renewing it as it is currently costing more to keep the license (99 EUR/year) than the game is making in sales on Apple platforms, so I'm basically just burning money there.

Unfortunately, because of Apple's *ridiculous* policies - no other platforms do this - this also means Guppy will disappear from the Mac and iOS store as soon my subscription expires. You will no longer be able to buy or download it there.

The game WILL still be available here on itchio (PC/Mac/Linux/Android) and on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), Google Play (Android) and Kartridge (PC/Mac).

Unless the Mac or iOS version suddenly sells 50+ copies in the next month or two, April 4th will be the last day Guppy will be available for download on iOS and the Mac App Store, so if you own this version and want to keep it make sure to download it to your device before then.

To compensate for this unfortunate development, if you currently own the App Store version of Guppy I can send you a key for Steam, itchio, or Google Play instead. Just send a picture of Guppy running on your iDevice or Mac (or other evidence of purchase) to ninjadodogames[at]gmail[dot]com with your preferred platform and I'll email you a key.

(note: Steam and itchio both also include the Mac version)

Sadly there is no other option for iOS as Apple does not support DRM-free distribution for that platform.

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And it's gone.

Such a dumb walled garden