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Guppy 29 Ubuntu 64 bit version
A quick update adding 64-bit support for the Ubuntu Linux build of Guppy. There was a request for a 64-bit version and since it was relatively straightforward t...
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Guppy will leave Mac/iOS App Store April 4th
Heads up to people who own Guppy on the Mac or iOS App Store: On April 4th Guppy will be disappearing from the App Store. (note: itchio version is unaffected) M...
Guppy - Designing Unconventional Input for Natural Movement
(originally published on Gamasutra ) Input conventions exist for a reason - you don't want to needlessly confuse the player - but sometimes it may be interestin...
Guppy iOS update
While this one's not on itchio, I've finally also updated the iOS version of Guppy , now with the option to remove predators and swim around in peace...
Guppy android 29
The Android version of Guppy has now also been updated to version 29 (or 1.2.29)! New in this version: - added option to remove predators (disables scoring) -...
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Gupdate 29
This version adds the option to remove ALL predators so you can just swim around in peace if you prefer. You can still eat flies and hang out with your fellow...
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Guppy v28.2
Another small update: v28.2 - added Quit icon to main menu - added fullscreen toggle to options menu (in addition to ALT-ENTER) - P2 can be spawned with gamepad...
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Guppy v28.1
Minor update: v28.1 - fixed: camera moving away from lvl edge when zooming - fixed: player hiding offscreen at lvl edges - gamepad Retry prompt says A instead o...
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Last post
I thought I'd add a forum so people can discuss the game and ask questions, or share tips. Obviously be nice etc. I'll t...
started by Christiaan Moleman Jul 03, 2020
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I am not too sure if it's already implemented or not but the NPC fish should be self-organizing by way of Boids, and sho...
started by Megamasman42 5 days ago
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Can you change the Android download to a normal .apk so I can manage updates with Mitch?
started by >noderunner_ 12 days ago
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Have you found the secrets? There are some hidden modes and features that you might enjoy...
started by Christiaan Moleman Jul 04, 2020
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Hi, The linux executable is 32 bits only. It would be very nice if you could provide a 64 bits version. Many thanks,
started by Ackinty Aug 16, 2020
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When I open Guppy on my macbook pro (High Sierra), it just opens a litle window that says "Unable to find game!!:" and i...
started by Nik Gervae Nov 10, 2020
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I recently played this as part of my weekly indie game series and really enjoyed it! It's such a relaxing and addictive...
started by TurianShepard Nov 15, 2020
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