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Re-entering my procgen trees again this year, working on it some more.

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A work-in-progress tool for creating procedurally generated trees and other natural environment features for existing project Hellas.

Initially going with placeholder sketch art, but I intend to do a proper graphics pass eventually.  The goal is to create various trees and plants.


v1 - Starting with simple vertical trees (cypress): click to plant 1 of 3 variations with  random length and shape, built from base, mid and top segments.

v2 - Added tree trunks and made it so whole tree can be rotated or moved with all parts to allow for more flexible placement and dynamic movement.

v3 - Added random segment variations to increase variety + other tweaks.

v4 - Made trees scale-independent, resize & angle with mouse or KB.

v5 - Added dynamic wind, fir trees, and manual height stretching.

v6 - Added pine trees, 1st pass very work-in-progress.

v7 - Pine trees 2nd pass, separate branch movement.

v8 - Added style swapping from image files.

To be continued...


- more tree types: oak, olive, etc

- bushes, grass and other plants


procjamtrees_v1.zip 1 MB
procjamtrees_v2.zip 2 MB
procjamtrees_v3.zip 2 MB
procjamtrees_v4.zip 2 MB
procjamtrees_v5.zip 4 MB
procjamtrees_v6.zip 4 MB
procjamtrees_v7.zip 4 MB
procgentrees_v8.zip 8 MB

Development log


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Just one question...

I love this idea, and the preview looks great, but how would this program be used? I have a few ideas, but I want to hear your thoughts. How can this program be useful?

To start with the intention is purely to build systems that can generate trees for my own project Hellas, but it could possibly be expanded to be used by others in the future.

Alright. Again, great program.